Dr. Bryan Vartabedian approached Amerigo Solutions to develop a web presence to promote the release of his first publication, First Foods. The requirements were to deliver a clean, professional website aimed at new mothers concerned about feeding their children.

Stage I: Site Architecture
After the initial client meeting, Amerigo designed a conceptual sitemap to illustrate site flow. Often overlooked in web design, this phase defined the parameters for the project. Strategically, this site is ultimately designed to lead the visitor to pre-order a copy of the book. Once the client approved the site architecture and flow, Amerigo was able to proceed to Phase II: Prototype Design with confidence.

Stage II: Prototype Design
Many design firms are very talented at creating cool and flashy sites. However, that does not translate into a successful site. Amerigo knows that a website will succeed only when creative design and business objectives are balanced. The challenge is to lead the visitor to where they want to be and where the client wants them to be. The client wanted to showcase the value of the book by providing sample questions from the book. This had to be done while giving a warm, feminine, even maternal appeal through the use of selective photos and very deliberate color tones and shades.

Stage III: Development & Production
Once the client selected the protoype, Amerigo began to write the code, which made the prototypes into webpages. This phase must take into consideration issues like cross-browser compatibility (i.e. Netscape and Internet Explorer), cross-platform compatibility (i.e. PC and Macintosh), bandwidth (i.e. 56K modem friendly), and finally search engine optimization, which leads to the next phase, Site Promotion.

Stage IV: Site Promotion
A challenge in any web project is to get the site ranked as high as possible on search engines. Since every search engine portal indexes websites uniquely, a sure-fire formula does not exist. Amerigo is careful to understand the client's key audience and the keywords they use. This is done by analyzing web traffic reports, competitive research, and long-term review and resubmission.

Stage V: Analysis
A website is never really done. After it is launched, Amerigo spends time reviewing the success, or lack thereof, of the site's goals and objective. Did it effectively promote the new book? If not, why didn't it? What needs to be done to increase the site's traffic? Once the traffic increases, what needs to be done to increase the percentage of "lookers" to "buyers"? Defining goals and metrics is the only way to gauge the success of the site.

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