When you first meet another person, they will often immediately decide to like you or not based on your smile. This first impression will set the climate for the conversation. Fortunately, you also have the ability to shake their hand and display a sense of personality.

Online, many people will make that first impression in a similar amount of time based on your website. You do not, however, have the benefit to shake their hand or crack witty jokes. The question you need to ask is, does the website show your organization's personality? Or simply... does your website smile?

Amerigo Solutions does more than deliver a pretty site. The challenge is to match creative design with business objectives. This balancing act is the only way to realize the value of your web presence. Otherwise you'll have a pretty site, which misrepresents your organization.

Web services offered by Amerigo include: Web Strategy, Information Architecture, Creative Design, Multimedia, Flash & Shockwave, Interface Development, Database Design, and Website Promotion.

Client Work: First Foods
Client approached Amerigo Solutions to develop a web presence to promote the release of a new publication, First Foods. The requirements were to deliver a clean, professional website aimed at new mothers concerned about feeding their children.

Client Work: allBowling.com
Community focused website to promote the sport of bowling in the southwest region. Amerigo currently maintains the site with weekly tournament results. The site attracts in excess of 1300 unique visitors a day, most of whom revist the site on a frequent basis. Registered user-base continues to increase without any real advertising.

Client Work: Dyno-thane Enterprises
An international bowling equipment company had the need for an overhaul of their existing website. Due to new ownership, the company wanted a fresh feel to illustrate a revived interest in "everyday bowlers" and not just the professionals. While many competitors' websites are designed with masculine black and blue colors, Amerigo decided a more general consumer interface would be most appropriate.

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Amerigo proudly supports and provides development solutions using Joomla! and Mambo content management systems.

Every website is as fast and reliable as the server where it is hosted. Amerigo Solutions has acquired a server dedicated to its clients for the very best in reliability, security and speed.