The discipline of motion can be easily confused for cool animation. The Internet is littered with many cool animations that do little more than just look neat.

The challenge is not to just have a "wow" factor, but to have movement compliment the business objective of the piece. There is a large usability focus that must be integrated as well. Without it, the user is confused and will ultimately abandon the site. Let Amerigo Solutions bring the creative process and business purpose together to capture the highest response possible from your interactive project.

Interactive services offered by Amerigo include: Macromedia Flash & Director, CDROM Development, Interactive Business Card CDs, Computer Based Training (CBT), Sales Support & Presentations, and Entertainment & Games.

Client Work: Nextel
Nextel needed a fluid piece to be delivered on CDROM. From concept to delivery our designer was able to exceed the client's expectations.

Click the image on the right to view. Macromedia Flash is required to view. Only screen captures are displayed.

Client Work: Telenisus
The objective was to illustrate the layers of business solutions offered by the client. This piece is no longer in use today, as Telenisus has been acquired by Verisign.

Click the image on the right to view. Macromedia Flash is required to view.

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